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Clairvoyants predict order after chaos caused by Trump, Brexit and gilets jaunes

Door Jan van der Made

The yearly Salon de Parapsy in Paris gathers soothsayers, healers, numerologists, magnetizers, aura photographers and a group of shamans from Siberia. How do these representatives from the spiritual world help people cope with an increasingly unstable society?

“This year, 2019, is an important year,” says Annabelle de Villedieu, a medium and Tarot specialist who revealed to RFI a part of the world’s future. “It is a year of transformation, transmutation. We are in a planetary movement that is crucial. We are heading towards a new form of conscience, toward a new energy."

But all this comes with a price, she says: “It is going to go through chaos, in a compulsory way, because order can only be reborn from a form of chaos, and everything will concur to this.” Perhaps as a result of the position of the planets, earth now finds itself at a crossroads, and the symptoms of change are there: the unpredictable Trump administration, looming Brexit, the increasing shift to populism and authoritarianism, reforms that directly threaten the livelihood of many.


“For the past few months, there has been an increasing climate of general insecurity,” says Angelina Voyance, nother Parisian medium who has a stand at the Parapsy fair. She, and many of her colleagues have seen their clientèle growing. “It is insecurity regarding money, when it comes to politics. How things are going turn around, and how people are going to face all this for the good or for the bad. There’s a lot of worries all around,” she says.

Some participants convince visitors to join them. A group of Siberian female Shamans, led by Kadina Kayat travels Europe to sell amulets and other objects that can help cleanse one’s karma. Amandine, a girl from Toulouse, was so impressed by them that she decided to join the group, leaving everything behind. “The [shamans] told me a message from the spirits that I could also help people, like them, and just give my life to love, to humanity. That’s what I want to do,” she explains.


She arrived at Porte de Champerret in Paris’ 17th Arrondissement and location of the Salon de Parapsy, with a large, black suitcase, containing everything she owns. Asked how her family reacted to her departure she said “I didn’t tell everybody. Because some of them can’t hear it. But those I told, said it was amazing.”

Not everybody blindly believes the exhibitors at the salon, which offers consultations with clairvoyants including “Mickael L.,” Ghislaine Randriambololona from Madagascar, and mediums with names like “Regis Medium Chaman," “Mama Bernadette,” and “Intuitive.” “I’m not convinced all of them are truly honest,” says Laetitia, a visitor to the Salon. “But I can understand that people need reassurance, so they might move towards this type of meeting or moments where they will be thinking about themselves and about where the world is taking them,” she says.


What do the clairvoyants tell their worried customers?

“It is sure that when you see men like Trump, the dictatorships, we ask ourselves what humanity’s level of awareness is,” says de Villedieu. “I think we are not at such a high level and those people trigger chaos. But, she says, this may be for the good.

“Maybe we see it as very painful, but nothing is for nothing. It is going to move our consciousness, it will lead people to revolt, to rebel." In fact, she argues that Trump and Brexit are positive agents for change. “It leads someone to look at things differently, to put himself into question, and this chaos is going to lead him to transformation, to a growing desire to put things in order, to open up his heart and his conscience,” she says.