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    Short radio reports 2002-2012   

[21-12-2002] Iraqi Kurdistan in the shadow of Saddam Hussein
[23-11-2005] Milipol security exhibition in Villepinte
[17-10-2007] Global poverty day in Paris Trocadéro
[31-10-2007] Roma camp in Saint Dénis
[01-11-2007] Demonstration of homeless people in Paris
[07-11-2007] American University in Paris on US-Franco relations
[11-11-2007] 'Residences' exhibition: artists get inspired by Paris
[14-11-2007] Strike in Paris causes problems for bikes
[18-11-2007] Market of ecologically friendly products in Bois de Vincennes
[22-11-2007] Yearly meeting of mayors in Paris
[13-01-2008] French students going abroad
[24-01-2008] French teachers strike against reforms
[12-03-2008] Marseille local elections 1-3
[13-03-2008] Marseille local elections 2-3
[14-03-2008] Marseille local elections 3-3
[08-03-2008] Francophonie
[08-03-2008] Nuclear energie - good or bad?
[29-03-2008] Anti-Chinese demonstration in Paris in the wake of the Olympic Games
[06-04-2008] Who are the winners and losers of the 2008 Paris Marathon?
[08-04-2008] Italy elections 1-5 the Roma camp outside Rome
[09-04-2008] Italy elections 2-5 Report starts with Tana di Zulueta, Green Party Senator
[10-04-2008] Italy elections 3-5
[10-04-2008] Italy elections 4-5 immigrant from Kenya on life in Italy
[11-04-2008] Italy elections 5-5 Berlusconi rally at Colosseum
[16-04-2008] Law against ads promoting anorexia
[20-04-2008] Pro Beijing/Olympic Games rally at Place de la République
[03-05-2008] More demos!
[04-05-2008] CGT barbeque for the Sans Papiers!
[06-05-2008] 1 year Sarkozy: what do people think?
[22-05-2008] Protests against reform of the retirement system
[30-05-2008] Strike at Bistro Romain
[01-06-2008] Mauritania tries to get back into business
[04-06-2008] Ittinerance exhibition
[08-06-2008] US President George W. Bush visits Paris - what do people think?
[17-06-2008] Guns on show at the Eurosatory weapons fair at Villepinte
[01-07-2008] Mediterranean feminists speak out
[07-07-2008] Ingrid de Betancourt released
[12-09-2008] The Pope visits Paris
[14-09-2008] The pope visits Lourdes
[23-09-2008] Refugees stuck on Malta
[02-10-2008] Interview with author Todd Shephard on Algeria
[07-10-2008] Crossroads: Malta
[07-10-2008] Paris car show
[09-10-2008] Picasso
[03-11-2008] Chocolate
[14-11-2008] Roma fear for their housing in Saint Denis
[19-11-2008] Mediterranean media
[24-11-2008] Media protests against reforms
[27-11-2008] Homeless in Bois de Vincennes brace for the winter
[04-12-2008] Americans living in Paris go to election night in Trocadéro
[08-12-2009] German car maker Opel fears for future after GM's financial troubles
[12-12-2008] MEK: The Iranian Council of Resistance lobbies French mayors
[25-01-2009] Pro-Palestine demonstration
[29-01-2009] Alternative economy in Saint Denis
[30-01-2009] Who's Next Fashion exhibition
[09-02-2009] French move to London to make a living
[12-02-2009] Exhibition of astrologers, psychics and alternative cures in Porte de Champerret
[26-02-2009] A word with a cow at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Porte de Versailles
[13-03-2009] Salon du Livre
[19-03-2009] More strikes
[22-03-2009] Tourism
[26-03-2009] National Politeness-Behind-the-Wheel day in Paris.
[20-04-2009] Estonia 1-3: the unease of the Russians
[20-04-2009] Estonia 2-3: the economic crunch
[20-04-2009] Estonia 3-3: the role of Nato
[23-04-2009] How to arm yourself against Bossnapping
[30-04-2009] Grandiose Paris
[01-05-2009] May day, labor day
[12-05-2009] Master Chef Alain Ducasse opens a school
[18-05-2009] Buddhists in Paris
[28-05-2009] Strasbourg at the even of European Elections
[17-06-2009] RFI journalists on strike
[02-07-2009] VAT decreased in restaurants
[03-07-2009] EU lifts ban on bizarre looking vegetables - a visit to the Iéna market in Paris
21-07-2009] Refugees from Malta find a place in Nanterre
[27-08-09] Squatters in Paris
[21-09-2009] Getting a tattoo is like a marriage
[04-10-2009] La Poste as we know it will dissapear. Protest!
[08-10-2009] Turkish open-air café & France/Turkish relations
[11-10-2009] The dilemma of the Budryk coal mine in Silezië, Poland
[16-11-2009] To learn a forgeign language isn't always easy
[19-11-2009] Angry French mayors gather in Paris
[03-12-2009] What is it to be French? - interview with François Rachline of the Montaigne Institute
[03-12-2009] A dinosaur for sale in Paris
[13-02-2010] France's Colonial Past in Algeria
[21-02-2010] French pilgrims prepare for Hajj
[25-02-2010] Tackling domestic violence in France
[26-02-2010] Mudslinging ahead of regional elections in France
[01-03-2010] First Salon de l'Agriculture after Kopenhagen Climate Summit - Africa
[01-03-2010] African farmers visit France
[01-03-2010] Imam accused of being French state stooge
[01-03-2010] Elections in Montpellier
[01-03-2010] Divided left in Montpellier elections
[23-03-2010] Public sector strikes put Sarkozy under pressure
[25-03-2010] Green anger as French government dumps carbon tax
[26-03-2010] Bitter rival adds to Sarkozy's woes
[26-03-2010] French prostitutes cautious over changes in the law
[08-04-2010] Total and the oil-for-food scandal
[09-04-2010] Refugee numbers on the rise
[11-04-2010] Beyond art multimedia festival in Paris
[11-04-2010] Sarkozy meets Hu Jintao at G-20, talks Iran
[29-04-2010] France offers support to Greece
[29-04-2010] May Day in Paris
[29-04-2010] UK elections 1
[29-04-2010] UK elections 2 - canvassing with the Respect Party in Gorton, Manchester
[30-04-2010] After Belgian ban: French debate on Burka continues
[14-05-2010] Padlocks being removed from bridge of love in Paris
[18-05-2010] Parisians protest in support of jailed Cubans
[19-05-2010] France bans the burqa
[20-05-2010] Arrests in Basque country